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Token sale overview

What are Token Sales?

For a full description of token sales and initial coin offerings, see here.

We are offering tokens for sale that can be redeemed in the furture for any bottle of spirit that Circumstance distillery offers for sale. These tokens become functional as soon as we launch our products and do not expire.We are issuing the tokens on a blockchain (in the form of our own cryptocurrency). Tokens can be redeemed, sold, traded on an exchange, or held as an investment.The tokens can be exchanged for our first batches of spirit or held over years and exchanged for more mature, more expensive spirits.

Exchanging Tokens
These tokens are assets on the Stellar Network and can be exchanged for other assets on numerous exchanges. (Stellarterm, Stellarport, Interstellar.exchange.)

Redeeming Tokens
Tokens can be easily redeemed by emailing us, and then returning the token to the address we provide. As the tokens are freely exchangable the value of the token is likely to change over time (probably increasing). We will redeem the tokens for ANY 70cl bottle of spirit that Circumstance offers for sale.

Holding as an Investment
There is a very good chance that in a few years time we will be offering older, more expensive spirits than in our first few years. As these token can be redeemed for ANY bottle of spirit that we offer for sale, the value of the token should increase over time.

How do I take part?

Step 1. - Create a wallet
Step 2. - Activate your wallet
Step 3. - Add a trust line
Step 4. - Buy tokens

A full screencast of the process can be found HERE.

1. Create a Wallet

There are a number of different wallets to choose from. See here.
We recommend using the Intersellar wallet that can be used on any device.

2. Activate Your Account

The Stellar network requires that wallets have at least 1 Lumen (the native cryptocurrency of the network) to be active. Relax.... we will send you 2 free Lumens to activate your wallet. Fill out the form below. (2 Lumens per wallet and email address)

Lumens wallet address:

3. Add trust line

Please make sure you have at at least 2 Lumen in your account before continuing.

The Stellar network requires that you "trust" the issuer of a token before you can recieve the token. This prevents wallets being filled with useless tokens from third parties without consent.

Create a trust line with our issuing account.
Asset: CDT

4. Buy tokens

Please make sure you have at least 2 Lumens in your account and the trust line with the issuing account is set. You will only be able to receive the token if the trust line is set.

Buy with GBP

Use the form below to make payment. Tokens will be sent to your wallet.

Full Name : Email: Number of Tokens (Max 3) : Stellar Wallet Address :

Buy with Stellar Lumens

You will need to create a trust line with our issuing account GANTR62RU73YYQJIQIB7LUGBBAIDZE76LA4YUBLH24IH2AKUKXIXF7E5

Option 1
buy on interstellar.exchange

Option 2

You will be sent 1 CDT (Circumstance Distillery Token) to your XLM address

5. Done!

Congratulations! please look after your passwords and secret keys carefully. We cannot recover lost tokens.

Contact Us

Address: Unit 2 Whitehall Trading Estate, Gerrish Avenue, Bristol

Tel: 07511934675

email: info@circumstancedistillery.com

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