Tastings and Tours

Whisky Tastings

image of whisky tasting
A tutored whisky tasting session is a great way to learn more about whisky and to experience different varieties.

The session will include samples of whisky from Circumstance, and a whisky expert who will lead the tasting. The expert will provide information about the and production of each whisky, and will help participants to identify the unique characteristics of each. Participants will have the chance to sample different whiskies and learn more about their flavour profile and aroma. The session will also include plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Session are £30 per person and held at our tasting room at 145 St Michael's Hill BS2 8DB and can be booked through Yuup.

Distillery Tours

image of whisky tasting
The guided tour takes you through the entire process of whisky production, from the fermenting of the grain to the bottling of the finished product. Along the way, you will learn about the history of whisky-making, the different whisky-making processes, and the unique styles of whisky. At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to sample some of our award-winning whiskies. So join us for a memorable whisky experience!

Tours are £30 per person and available Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.



Virtual Tours

If you cant make it in to see us, have a quick look around with our online virtual tour.

Virtual Tour